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International Dogs & Wildlife Club (IDWC)

The milestone of IDWC is honesty, and commitment to deliver quality followed by 100 % honesty to animal lovers. The CEO Atif Rizvi came from an army / air force back ground, therefore the passion, obsession, and love for animals had been there ever since the childhood. The obsession finally became profession in 2017.

IDWC offers a wide range of German Shephard long coat dogs, some imported from Poland/ Germany and some are from Pakistan but from good blood lines. IDWC mostly deals in pedigree dogs however there are some bitches which are kept for non-pedigree category.

IDWC is a registered Kennel and a registered company which is paying all the due taxes to the Govt of Pakistan, which makes it a very reliable source to obtain a quality full pet.

IDWC deals in mostly German Shephard dogs reason being it is highly demanded and favorite, specially due to some abilities like,

  1. Good looking
  2. Friendly, due to this they get adjusted among the family easily at any age
  3. Good guards
  4. Very intelligent
  5. Economical, even being a big breed, they eat less
  6. Very good learners

IDWC is an appointment based facility, the clients are therefore requested to seek appointment before visiting


Email: idwc25@gmail.com